Sarah Jane
Posted 10/05/2007 8:55:51 AM PDT

I will explain why I believe there has been a ten fold increase in autism over the past decade according to research. The rise in autism is happening much more in Britain and America but not in other countries across Europe like Germany or France or Austria. I will explain the reason why. The British and Americans are much more ethnically diverse than other nations, Example: The Germans are only part German. The Austrians are only part Austrian. The French are only part French. The Dutch are only part Dutch. The Irish are only part Irish. The Russians are only part Russian. The British and Americans however are part French, part German, part Dutch, part Irish or perhaps part Swiss, part Italian or part Russian, part Spanish. Etc ( i.e. multi ethnic) Higher rates of genetic conditions in Britain and America are because the sub races or ethnic groups like the French, English, Germans , Austrians, Australians, Irish are mixing the most there. If the mixing of the sub-race continues , Autism and other genetic conditions will grow and grow. With mass immigration into Britain hitting an all time high it will hit there the hardest. Evidence points to that it already has. Autism is caused by the mixing of different ethnic groups. Autism appears to be increasing near everywhere, but this is because detection rates are getting better. By 2015 1 in 9-1- are predicted to have autism in the UK and America. There is no proven like that mercury causes autism. No mercury has been found in the blood or hair of people or parents of autistic peoples. Autism is increasing everywhere because of better detection but is increasing mostly in the UK and America because of there mixed ethnic makeup. The Australian and New Zealander are descended from immigrants, but are more interbred than the British and Americans and from less ethnic sources.