Randy Runs for Autism

The photo at the right is of me with my "running buddy" Taylor. He is just 6 years old but he is so full of energy and smiles. As a team Taylor and I will be successful at the Honolulu Marathon in December 2007. Success will mean greater opportunities for Taylor and other kids like him that have been diagnosed with autism. Taylor's smiling energy will be the spark to see me to the finish line of the marathon. Keep the smile on Taylor's face by giving generously to our efforts to fight autism, your wonderful donation will help the Edmond Family Center for Autism provide an outreach to families with autistic children such as Taylor.
There is no time like the present to show you care...click on the "Donation" link just below to help these kids have a better future, help their parents to better understand their needs:

TEAM AUTISM Mission Statement: Team Autism is a comprehensive endurance training program for runners and walkers to benefit local individuals and families affected by autism in the Oklahoma City area. The goal of Team Autism is to increase funding to support the Edmond Family Center for Autism (EFCA) while promoting fitness and healthy lifestyles.

AUTISM FACTS: 1 in 150 children are born with autism. Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in the US. Every year 24,000 new cases are diagnosed. Click here to learn more about TEAM AUTISM

DONATIONS: So just what will it take to locate some generous donors that have a compassionate heart and a willingness to help the Edmond Family Center for Autism stay on the offensive in their fight against autism? Any amount given will help our cause, any amount donated will benefit local families with autistic children and give them a fighting chance in their efforts against autism. Don't miss your opportunity to be a part of this great effort!!!

WHY I RUN: I've found that running is a fun way to maintain my health. Just over 2 years ago I underwent a quadruple heart bypass surgery and lived to tell about it. Often so many never get a second chance so I've decided to make the most of my abilities. I'm not a fast runner, definitely will not be setting any speed records. I ran my first Half Marathon April 29, 2007 in 2 hours 46 minutes. The Honolulu Marathon in December 2007 represents a challange for me in that it should be my first marathon and it will be run to benefit a great local cause, the Edmond Family Center for Autism. The money donated will help to touch the lives of many local families who have found they have been blessed with a very special child, someone that has been diagnosed with some form of autism and have special needs as a result of this diagnosis. My efforts through Team Autism as a runner as well as your efforts as a donor/sponsor will help to see that those special needs can be met. Please give with your heart...give generously.

GUEST BOOK: Please!! don't forget to sign the guest book, otherwise how will I know who has peeked at my progress?